Update #1A - Lucky Blocks, Disenchanting, and More!



Hey Everyone!

After a successful beta opening, we've seen over 280+ unique players join to be part of the experience here at Aluminis and we can't describe the love and enjoyment you give to the server. It's amazing! By bringing your friends on, leaving suggestions, and creating bug reports, you shape the server for the greater good. We want to say thank you for that. Without you, we wouldn't be able to improve and come up with these great ideas which enhances the experience for you. Here are the new additions, bug fixes, and improvements:

Lucky Blocks


Have you ever been bored by mining aimlessly for hours on end? Lucky blocks, which spawn at a 0.04% chance for every block you mine, have a chance of giving you amplifying your gameplay by awarding you with a percentage of your current prison rank. This means lucky blocks have the same value, no matter your prison rank! Coming soon, you will have a chance to multiply the amount of experience you get from the lucky block, by completing an abundance of challenges.



Have a pickaxe that you don't use? Or maybe you accidentally used your last Pickaxe Upgrade Point on an enchant you didn't want. This feature will solve all your problems! At $3,000,000 Per Pickaxe Upgrade, you can remove enchantments and turn them back into Pickaxe Upgrades! This is accessible by opening the Pickaxe Upgrade Menu then click on the Anvil!

Mobs & Mob Spawners


Mobs are a fundamental aspect of Minecraft, Previously they were disabled on Aluminis. Now, they have been enabled for player realms! Mobs spawn as normal, but you can also purchase a mob spawner from the Rare Item Shop (/rshop). The spawner type can be changed by buying a Mob Spawn Egg from the Rare Item Shop, then right-clicking on the spawner while holding the egg. Eggs can also be obtained at a 0.029% chance per mob killed. Thinking of trying to obtain a rare mob drop from killing mobs? In order to keep the rarity of these items, mobs drop their normal items at a 0.2% chance per mob killed. Placed Mob Spawners can be mined with a Silk Touch Pickaxe.



Voting now has a new meaning! In addition to the previous rewards for voting, you now receive a Vote Engram which, when decrypted, can give major rewards. Engrams can be decrypted at /warp decrypt. Also, every 100 votes, a MineParty will begin at /warp A replacing all blocks temporarily with very valuable blocks!

Admin Activated Experience Boosters


With these boosters, all players gain a multiplier in experience gained! You can view currently activated boosters by the action bar experience message, which now contains boosters that are active on the server!

Item Tooltips in Chat


Available to LEGEND rank and above, items can now be displayed in chat by typing while holding an item to display it in chat!

PvP Envoys

Dropped from an unknown realm, Envoys spawn every 2 hours at /warp PvP. They consist of great rewards that are worth fighting over! At least 8 players must be online for the envoy to start!

General Changes and Improvements
  • Added a prefix in tablist for Prison Pass Premium
  • Golden Heads now offer +2 Absorption Hearts
  • Golden Heads now have a 1 second delay between consumptions
  • Added a fishing rod to all kits
  • Bounties bump increased to $100,000 (from $1000)
  • Max bounty increased to $1,000,000 (from $100,000)
  • Increased the command delay for /sellall to 3 seconds (from 0 seconds)
  • Added /blocktop to view the Blocks Mined Leaderboard
  • Added /killtop to view the Kills Leaderboard
  • Added anti-boosting methods to the PvP System
  • Added info about Pickaxe Upgrade Points to the Pickaxe Upgrade Menu
  • Removed the Prison Game Menu in PvP Regions
  • Added CREATOR rank that stacks onto the normal rank
  • Chat Reward increased to 10 Experience (from 1 Experience)
  • Rare Item Shop price formula changed to 1% addition per purchase (from basePrice*purchases)
  • Rare Item Shop info added on the first menu
  • First Player message for your first /sellall
  • Formatted decimals properly in started missions
  • Added Clay Balls to Building Items Shop
  • Increased price of Silk touch to 10 Pickaxe Upgrade Points (from 1 Pickaxe Upgrade Point)
  • Added /mines as an alias of /warps
  • Disabled the crafting of Enchanted Golden Apples
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that caused Money and Experience rewards to occasionally have no feedback
  • Fixed being able to access /enchantshop from PvP zones
  • Fixed /stats being accessible to all users
  • Fixed an issue causing the Silk touch enchantment to do nothing
  • Fixed Fire/Flame kills that were not giving kills
  • Fixed formatting of player help messages
  • Fixed /fly from being allowed in outside PvP regions
  • Fixed Fortune Pickaxe Upgrade error message, which stated "No points available"
  • Fixed an issue that caused the wrong player to be "dinged" on messaging a player
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain wood types to be un-sellable
  • Fixed /missions not opening the Prison Pass Missions menu
  • Fixed Daily Missions displaying as Weekly Missions in chat upon completion
  • Fixed TNT blowing up stuff in PvP Regions
  • Fixed Leaderboard NPCs displaying duplicated names
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the Prison Game Menu to be moved to chests and other inventories, allowing it to be duped
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from regenerating default items on death in PvP
  • Fixed muted players being able to chat in private messages and guild chat
  • Fixed blocks to not function properly from outside of the PvP Region
  • Fixed an issue that saved players flight status after leaving a realm
  • Fixed total earned stat being reset after every prestige
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed PvP Kit items to be added to enderchests
  • Fixed non-PvP kit items from being removed sometimes on leaving the PvP Region
  • Fixed an issue preventing leaves from decaying at player realms
  • Fixed a bug causing Ink Sac purchases to give Cocoa Beans
  • Fixed an error that occurred when running /stats on a player who has never joined the server
  • Fixed absorption hearts not being removed on death
  • Fixed decremental stats that didn't function properly as missions
  • Fixed a wrong permission message for /enderchest
  • Fixed bonemeal from being used in PvP
  • Fixed a duplication issue with relogging after moving your Prison Game Menu
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the game menu from being removed and added upon toggling the setting
  • Fixed /craft which did not work at all.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented EXP from automatically leveling you up in certain cases
  • Fixed prestige "total earned" requirement set at the wrong amount
  • Fixed rewards for killing yourself in PvP
That's it, for now! Thanks again for being such a great community! And I can't wait for the updates to come :)
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