Official Server Rules

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Welcome to the Aluminis Network!

Here at Aluminis, we believe that every player should be able to enjoy the server without the fear of cheaters or rude players.
We have put forth a set of rules for the entire network that all players must follow. Failure to do so will result in punishment.

Chat Rules:

It is important to us that every player be treated with kindness and respect on the server. We desire to promote an open and healthy dialogue between all players on the network, but there are a few exceptions. They are as follows:

  • Swearing - Any kind of swearing, including swearing in other languages, or bypassing the chat filter is prohibited.​

  • Discrimination - Discrimination against players related to gender, age, race, or other personal attributes is prohibited.​

  • Negative Behavior - Any behavior/chat that involves general rudeness, racism, and the use of derogatory terms is not allowed on the network.

  • Spamming - Chat spam is prohibited.

  • Trolling - Deliberately harassing a player or coercing them into unknowingly doing something is not allowed on the server.

  • Advertising - The advertisement of personal social media, server names or IPs, and other websites is prohibited.

General Server Rules

At Aluminis, we take cheating and exploiting very seriously. Any player who is caught cheating or using exploits will be punished swiftly. Our goal here at Aluminis is to create a competitive, yet fair server environment for our players. Cheats and exploits threaten the fairness and integrity of the server, and will be punished accordingly. The general server rules are as follows:

  • Cheating - As noted above, cheating is expressly prohibited on the Aluminis Network.

  • Exploiting - Any abuse of exploits is not allowed.

  • Scamming - Any attempted scamming or phishing of other players is prohibited.

  • Inappropriate Names, Skins, Capes - The use of inappropriate names, skins, or capes on the network is not allowed, and must be changed before an appeal can be made.


These rules are subject to change at any time. Please check the server rules frequently, and enjoy your time on the server!

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