Update #1A - Lucky Blocks, Disenchanting, and More!
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Hey Everyone!

After a successful beta opening, we've seen over 280+ unique players join to be part of the experience here at Aluminis and we can't describe the love and enjoyment you give to the server. It's amazing! By bringing your friends on, leaving suggestions, and creating bug reports, you shape the server for the greater good. We want to say thank you for that. Without you, we wouldn't be able to improve and come up with these great ideas which enhances the experience for you. Here are the new additions, bug fixes, and improvements:

Lucky Blocks


Have you ever been bored by mining aimlessly for hours on end? Lucky blocks, which spawn at...
Our first server update! Check out this thread to view what we've changed!.

Welcome To Aluminis!

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Welcome to Aluminis!

After over a year of development, the Aluminis Team is finally ready to announce her existence. We're hoping to create a fun experience that enriches your life never before encountered on a Minecraft server.

Before we officially open, Aluminis needs your help! Since our server is built specifically for you, alpha testers are required to provide the best possible experience upon our official opening to the public. If you would like to help as a Alpha Tester, please fill out this application!​

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